6 Good Reasons Your Should Consider Trading Your House


1. No need for double mortgage payments: because you will pay off your mortgage on your existing home and obtain a new mortgage on the new home - all on the same settlement date.


No Moving Hassles


Trading homes reduces moving hassles as it eliminates the need for storage of belongings while you search for a place to live.

Owners simply move to their new homes

after settlement.

No need for short term rentals to live in while you look for a new home


Short term leases are expensive, and

breaking a lease is costly.

But these hassles are avoided when trading houses.

No more dealing with



Having a home on the market that is not selling while you have already purchased

your new home can be stressful.

You need to deal with tenants and financial stress. But trading allows you to say

goodbye to this hassle.

Easier to obtain finance & better mortgage terms

Most homeowners with an unsold home on the market have a tough time buying a new home before their existing home is

purchased - or at least under contract.

Trading homes eliminates this problem altogether because both parties bring two contracts to the mortgage lender.

Save thousands of dollars in commissions


Sellers could also save on commission and advertising fees if they find a property match and communicate directly with the owner of the other property.

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Home Sellers: How To Achieve A Price Closer
To The Appraised Value Of Your Property
… Despite The State Of The Economy
Trade My House has just one goal – to help you think outside the box, team up with other property sellers and receive a price as close as possible to the appraised value of your property.
Most home sellers only consider the traditional approach when selling their property. But in our opinion, trading can give many home owners a better end result than the way everyone else is doing it. Not only can you save thousands of dollars in agents commissions and get finance more easily - you can also avoid moving hassles, short term rentals and problems with tenants.
This web site provides a meeting point for homeowners open to the idea of trading property. If you would like more information about us and all the reasons why you might want to consider trading, click here.

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